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The Music Nat Ties business was established more than 100 years ago and concentrates as a music assessment board in external assessment such as music exams and speech topics with music test board centers all through the United Kingdom and in a few countries abroad. You can browse through the website and discover more about what Music Nat Ties has to offer. We will be delighted to pay attention to you, and express thanks to you for your curiosity.

In 1894 the founder of Music Nat Ties, with some close musical buddies, inducted the Music Nat Ties College of music. They were in charge for writing the primary syllabuses, hiring assets in London, and securing the contract of many renowned musicians, church leaders of the day and Dukes of the Realm who were ready for their names to be exploited as Founder Patrons.

The founder of Music Nat Ties was a smart businessman and he was worried about the power of the Music Nat Ties College to stay in the hands of the founders as extensive as possible. As a result, he set up a business under the name of Music Nat Ties to make sure that procedure decisions and monetary control were protected.

Countless Centers were started in the United Kingdom for the organization of external exams and when the college structure was gone astray during the World War II, these Centers started thriving and, finally, the Board determined that external exams would be the specialty of Music Nat Ties.

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